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Logistics 101 & how MJS Packaging can help

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Has your business grown from ordering a few cases of product to full skids, or even multiple pallets? Initially, using UPS or FedEx was probably a great option for your shipping needs, but as your freight requirements grow, additional solutions will be needed.

Choosing the right shipping method for your company doesn’t need to be a complex process; in fact, it should be downright simple. Learn logistics basics, as well as how MJS Packaging provides complete freight solutions.

Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipments

LTL shipments are used when your company’s freight needs have grown enough that you’re shipping multiple pallets, but the shipments still don’t fill an entire truck.

Many national and regional carriers handle LTL shipments, with varying rates. Generally, LTL reduces freight costs, as well as your company’s carbon footprint, since you’re sharing space with other shippers on the same truck.

When your freight requirements do grow to fill an entire truck, it’s then considered a truckload quantity and can be shipped on a dedicated route. MJS Packaging helps streamline your shipping process for both LTL and truckload quantity shipments. Learn more by contacting us today!

Intermodal Transportation

If you’re shipping large product volumes a long distance, or even internationally, intermodal rail is another shipping avenue you’ll want to explore. This method of shipping always involves a combination of truck and rail shipping, and often includes oceanic travel as well!

For true overseas shipments, international air and/or ocean will need to be utilized in order to transport your product from it’s initial shipping location to its final destination overseas.

MJS Packaging can also assist in optimizing freight shipping modes and add value to your entire shipping process.

MJS Packaging Freight Solutions

When you’re dealing with MJS Packaging, getting the right freight quotes and booking shipments is easy! Whether you’re shipping truckload quantities or transporting LTL shipments, it’s always great to have a professional on your side.

There is much efficiency to be gained along the way when it comes to logistics, which is why it's a great business move to have an expert like MJS Packaging involved.

  1. MJS Packaging leverages our freight network, using our purchasing power completely to your benefit.
  2. MJS Packaging helps combine your orders to optimize freight costs and overall efficiencies.
  3. MJS Packaging also assists in optimizing pallet configuration. Each pallet’s height and width matter, as shipping restrictions vary by freight company and/or the delivery equipment being used.

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