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Take your products to the next level with dual dispensing systems

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Dual (or multiple) dispensing technologies provide manufacturers the opportunity to enclose two products within the same package, creating a brand new way to bundle. These technologies act as a great product differentiator that also allows consumers to customize their product experience.

Customize your product offerings with dual dispensing systems and create a unique user experience for your customers.

Since there are some great packaging options on the market that allow two products to be enclosed separately, yet in the same container, we’ll outline how these dual dispensing systems can be a great option for your company, too.

Products Best Suited for Dual Dispensing

Even though the dispenser cap is very popular in the food and beverage industries, dual dispensing systems are rising in popularity. Just think about the last time you needed a little oil and vinegar and had to pull two separate containers out of your cabinets. Dual dispensing systems make this conundrum extraordinarily easy by combining the oil and vinegar into one product.

In addition to the food and beverage industries, dual dispensing technologies are extremely popular in the cosmetic, personal care, and health and beauty industries. This is because such technology creates a seamless end product that’s absolutely perfect for the needs of consumers.

Dual dispensing systems are ideal for:

  • Skincare: moisturize and bronze at the same time
  • Hair care: combine your shampoo and conditioner for a 2-in-1 solution
  • Sun care: self-tan while also protecting your skin from the sun
  • Lips: choose one color, or effortlessly blend two colors

There are additional dual dispensing options that give consumers the ability to not only keep ingredients separated, but that have a dual pump for separate dispensing. This option can help bundle complementary products or even introduce a new product that’s just come onto the market.

Give a Great Consumer Experience

By separating cosmetic, health, and beauty products into two compartments, the consumer easily controls the product blend while dispensing. In order to make this an even better user experience, there are various settings that the dispenser head can be set to. Each setting allows for different product ratios to be dispensed from each side, with a variety of options available.

Regardless of whether the consumer needs to engage the dispenser completely, or just needs a dab, the same blend will be dispensed. This is exactly what creates a seamless end product, perfect for everyone.

Unbounded Versatility

Dual dispensing systems offer incredible versatility in design, formulation, and application.

  1. Design: Differentiate your product from the masses with diverse container size, shape, color or material.
  2. Formulation: Mix or blend the strength of your product, two scents, multiple product shades or colors, or even two tastes!
  3. Application: Dispense your products in variable ratios by choosing fixed or variable product dispensing ratios.

Increased Product Safety

Depending on the product and its composition, by packaging certain products together you risk early deterioration of the final product’s quality and usefulness. In order to alleviate this problem, a dual dispensing system separates the ingredients. This can be extremely advantageous when the composition of your final product isn’t easily, stably, or cost-effectively packaged in a standard one-compartment container. An extremely popular option in the chemical industry, dual dispensing systems are a great option no matter the product.

By giving both the product manufacturer and consumers the autonomy to decide how much product will be dispensed, which products will be dispensed, and exactly when, dual dispensing systems are a great solution! Give consumers their products their way, while creating additional brand loyalty with dual dispensing packaging.

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