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When it comes to nostalgia in the craft spirits industry, it doesn't get much better than moonshine. This type of whiskey most likely entered the Appalachian region in the late 1700’s to early 1800’s and got its name because it was done late at night by the light of the moon (moonshining).

White Whiskey or Moonshine?

Due to an increasing consumer demand for moonshine, many large brands are now in the business of making it, although many aren’t calling it moonshine. Jacob’s Ghost by Jim Beam is the perfect example of this and is advertised as white whiskey, which is another name for moonshine..

White whiskey is an ode to moonshine’s historical nickname of “white dog.” While brown whiskey gets its color and flavor from being aged in barrels, white whiskey is not aged, just like moonshine. This gives white whiskey its “white” or clear appearance.

So, what’s the difference? Both white whiskey and moonshine are un-aged whiskies, but the main difference is the nostalgia, tradition, and mystique behind moonshine.

Growing Demand for Moonshine

Over the past few decades the majority of consumers had never seen a jar of moonshine, let alone tasted it. Fast forward to today and moonshine can be found in bars and restaurants around the United States.

The growth of moonshine culture has become mainstream, along with craft beers, due to the Gen X, Eco Boomers, and Millennial generations, and their demand for authentic and unique products.

Glass Containers

Glass jars for spirits are a popular packaging option. MJS Packaging has several stock options available for jars of moonshine or white whiskey (and other spirits, of course).

Glass is easily recognized as the traditional choice for national brands and the go-to choice with micro distilleries. Glass jars have a vintage bootlegger-style look, which only enhances the overall experience of drinking moonshine, they're recyclable, and they can be repurposed.

MJS Packaging also works with distilleries on options for custom glass moonshine jars.

Size and Finish Options

MJS Packaging’s glass moonshine jars and bottles come in all shapes and sizes from 375ML to 1.75L. Neck finishes vary from bar top to screw top, and we have closures to accommodate each one.


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