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What can I recycle? How2recycle labels help educate

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Did you know that despite the emphasis on recycling and sustainability, consumers in the U.S. recycle less than 22% of their discarded materials? Although many of MJS Packaging’s customers have taken steps to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace more sustainable packaging options, there is still much consumer education to be done regarding recycling. There are many challenging and surprising statistics that you can read more about here.

How2Recycle Packaging LabelsBrands and companies that recycle are looked at favorably within the marketplace and to many consumers. We encourage all our packaging customers to consider using recyclable components and to be eco-friendly whenever possible. How2Recycle is an initiative started by the sustainable packaging coalition to help educate consumers on what is recyclable and the details on how the individual components of the packaging can be recycled.

The label explains it All

All of a company's efforts to recycle are moot if the consumer is not sure what he or she can recycle or more important yet, how to recycle it. How2Recycle has developed a set of labels intended to go on packaging that will help clear up consumer confusion and enable companies to clearly communicate what parts of their packaging can be recycled and how to go about recycling it.

The labels must indicate if they can be recycled by traditional or other means. They typically incorporate one of the following four easy to understand messages:

  • Widely recycled - meaning at least 60% of U.S. consumers can recycle it curbside or drop-off.
  • Limited recycling - where you would have to check locally to see if your community participates.
  • Not Yet Recycled - meaning it is something that should be thrown away because it is not able to be recycled.
  • Store Drop off only - typically has to be taken to a store – for example, plastic bags using particular resins.

How Do I Get Involved?Many manufacturers and retailers are already utilizing these How2Recycle labels.  Some of the more well-known companies include Proctor & Gamble, Nestle, General Mills, Honest Tea, Minute Maid and Whirlpool. Walmart and Target are key participants with their private label products, as well.

Reducing your carbon footprint and embracing sustainable packaging options is important. To learn more about taking a positive step in sustainability by recycling, visit the How2Recycle website to get all the details on how to label your products and what labels to use for your various markets.

For assistance with redesigning your entire packaging label to help clearly convey the recycling messaging, please contact us.  One of our packaging experts will be glad to assist you in doing your part to make the world a cleaner place.

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