New spray bottle technology creates a sensory experience

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A consumer’s beauty ritual doesn’t just begin with a short brush of the teeth and end with a quick glance in the mirror. It’s much more than that, because they’re much more than that.

As a leading packaging solutions provider, we make it our business to keep our customers up-to-date on the newest and hottest products available today.  A new and transformed sprayer, the SP22 Panache Pulse, has entered the marketplace.  It has the ability to hold a variety of products, from a morning moisturizer that keeps skin ageless, to a cool refreshing body mist.

These versatile sprayers are completely revolutionizing the way consumers use and choose their beauty products. As the industry begins combining perfuming with moisturizers, deodorants, body mists, and tanners, the functionality of the bottle your product is packaged in is more important than ever before.

This new sprayer’s technology is undoubtedly a perfect way to elevate your brand while also delivering a better experience to your customers. From mists to lotions, it’s time to make your brand stand out and spray the competition away.

Proven sprayability, revolutionary delivery

Imagine a sprayer that’s both a great choice for women’s beauty and fragrance, as well as men’s personal care products. That’s the Panache Pulse. Its revolutionary sprayer technology works in a variety of methods, with maximum benefits.

  • Versatile: Capable of spraying different viscosities
  • Fresh: Light cloud sensual spray
  • Harmonious: Consistent spray quality through superior pre-compression
  • Adaptable: Choice of doses, actuators, or fixations to fit every design

Uses for the Panache Pulse

Easy facial moisturizing

Make morning rituals exceedingly convenient with a sprayer that’s built for multiple products and multiple consistencies, such as:

  • Anti-aging, lifting, and tonic serums
  • Make-up fixer
  • Aftershave

Hair mists

Every man and woman envies a full, luxurious head of hair. With this new spray product, it’s easier than ever for your consumers to apply conditioner, anti-frizz products, and even hair fragrance – all with a subtle spray.

Body mists

Body mist spray is a sublime and sensual option that’ll have consumers feeling as if they’re fresh from a shower. Whether it’s a body moisturizer or fragranced lotion, the Panache Pulse delivers both effortlessly.

Sun-kissed skin

Whether your customer has spent the day in the sun, or simply desires a natural glow without UV exposure, this new option is a great choice.

  • Self tanner
  • Light sun protection
  • Liquid after-sun

Luxury deodorant

When you have the option to make even deodorant application a luxurious experience for your consumers, who’s going to say no? This sprayer can deliver the exact dosage desired, quickly and lightly.

  • Fragranced body mist
  • Luxury deodorant

With improved sprayer technology comes more precise product delivery and a new sensory experience.  This packaging option will help you stand out and make your brand the top choice for consumers.

If you’re ready to take your brand and consumer experience to the next level, please contact us to find the perfect sprayer option for you.  Our team of product packaging specialists guarantees you’ll be just as satisfied with the packaging solutions we provide, as your consumers will be with your products.

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