Overmolding makes stylish lipgloss stand out

  • MYC Packaging Innovation

MYC’s popular jumbo lipgloss pack is now also available with a unique overmolded cap.

Made of PETG, the new cap features a crystal-clear outer cover overmolded on a rod that can be injected in either opaque, transparent or glitter color to match the shade of the formula.

The overmolding process allows for a seamless combination of two different parts into a single component. The advantages associated with this technology are numerous: unique and premium appearance, optimized manufacturing process and lower production costs.

The thick-walled bottle, also in PETG, has an OFC of 8.3ml, the perfect size for lip gloss, liquid lipstick as well as eye and complexion formulas. Different flocked applicators are available including options with MYC’s exclusive antibacterial treatment.

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Pack code: ML8823-1. Explore our catalog to see more lipgloss packaging.

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