MYC's handle applicator: A multi-benefit make-up tool with exclusive antibacterial treatment

  • MYC Packaging Innovation

Introducing HANDLE, a unique versatile flocked applicator designed by MYC's creative team.

As the name suggests, it is meant for “holding” and “carrying” the product easily. Its ergonomic shape perfectly adapts to the shape of the lips and to the under-eye area - the reservoir zone on each side is for product loading, the tip is to create thin lines and precise contouring. Thanks to its special design, the application is comfortable and flawless.

Available in standard and maxi size, it can be paired with different packs from the MYC stock catalogue, and is the ideal choice for lip gloss, liquid lipstick, and complexion formulations.

Core material and flocking length and density can be selected depending on the desired makeup effect.

Proven bacterial reduction up to 99.99%!

To meet the growing demand for safer and more hygienic solutions, MYC can also offer an exclusive antibacterial treatment that protects the applicator against bacteria and molds during its entire life cycle.

Get in touch to learn more about our solutions for lips and face!

Applicator reference codes:

  • AS101 (standard)
  • AS100 (maxi)

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