Luxury meets sustainability in MYC's Metallica compact

  • MYC Packaging Innovation

Our Metallica compact is a perfectly designed compact case combining sustainability with luxury. Made from 100% aluminum, it is fully recyclable, and it also features an intuitive refillable system.

Simply open the cover, unscrew the ring, remove the metal pan from the base and insert a new one to refill and reuse whenever you want.

The base is designed to accommodate any metal pan with d.59 and is ideal for face products such as bronzer, highlighter and solid serum. The case can be customized with multiple techniques including etching, embossing and debossing for a tactile effect.

Recycled aluminum is also available with a much lower environmental impact than virgin material without loss in quality.

Get in touch to learn more about our Metallica line and MYC’s expertise in aluminum manufacturing!

Pack code: RC8812

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