REFFILL ME! MYC's lipstick 2.0

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Say hello to a new generation of refillable lipsticks: MYC’s popular REFILL ME! lipstick is now also available with a special locking system. Thanks to this smart feature, the refillable mechanism can only twist up if assembled with base.

With a classic 70/30 cylindrical profile, it is the embodiment of sustainable luxury: aluminum clads, magnetic closure for a sensorial experience and extra weight to be added to base and cap for even greater prestige. Refilling is easy and simple: remove the mechanism from the base by pulling on it, then click refill into place.

The base accommodates a 12.7 top-fill bullet, while the cap is available with two different height options.

All components can be provided with recycled materials and can be decorated in multiple ways, including double anodization, laser engraving, debossing, to suit any brand's needs.

To find out more about MYC’s sustainable packaging solutions, get in touch with your sales rep!

Pack codes: LS8804-2 (short cap), LS8804H-2 (tall cap)

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