Meet PKP's Most Versatile Pump

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PKP's DPS4-A pump was designed for optimal performance in dispensing a diverse array of viscosity products. Engineered with an external spring design and boasting a substantial 4cc output per stroke, the DPS4 stands out as the premier choice for efficiently priming a broad spectrum of substances. Its unparalleled capacity to handle a wide range of viscosities with no chemical reactions makes it a versatile and indispensable tool for various applications.

Crafted with precision, the DPS4 features actuator heads of diverse shapes, offering not only ease of dispensing but also seamless compatibility with a wide variety of containers. The thoughtful design ensures that dispensing is efficient and allows the pump to effortlessly integrate with different container shapes.

Think beyond the bottle. Enhance your customer's dispensing experience with the DPS4. Get in touch today!

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