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Industrial trigger sprayers and consumer trigger sprayers are designed for different purposes and environments, so they have several differences in their construction, materials, and performance capabilities. PKP's expertise in dispensing solution manufacturing allows the company to deliver both options. The company's industrial range offers a series of benefits, including:

  • Durability: Industrial trigger sprayers are built to withstand heavy usage and harsh chemicals commonly found in industrial settings. They are made with more robust materials such as chemical-resistant plastics.
  • Spray Volume and Pressure: Industrial trigger sprayers deliver higher volumes of liquid and have stronger spray pressure compared to consumer sprayers. This is necessary for covering larger areas or for applying substances more effectively in industrial applications.
  • Chemical Compatibility: Industrial trigger sprayers are designed to handle a wider range of chemicals and solvents that are commonly used in industrial settings. They have specialized seals or gaskets to prevent leakage or deterioration when exposed to these chemicals.
  • Nozzle Design: Industrial trigger sprayers have adjustable nozzles and specialized spray patterns to accommodate different application needs, such as wide-area spraying or targeted applications.

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