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​Premium Pack Ltd. Quality Control Laboratory is constantly evaluating the integrity of your package through a series of performance tests, using industry standards that simulate real-world distribution contexts.

This Year gifted us with Conscious self-reflection.

”Getting in touch” with anyone including yourself became almost like how Romantics in the 19th century, were thinking of taking a trip to the Moon. Possible (but at what costs.) Wanderlust. They do, however, ”had time” to self-reflect on the insignificance of the individual.


Getting in touch with our inner self was more or less, the most challenging trip we’ve been taking for some months.

The worth of having a look at bigger, broader things, measure our inner self, has been in the shadow for a while. Individuality sneaked on us along with the wi-fi.


This Year gifted us with Conscious self-reflection.

More appreciative of how the value of our partnerships cultivated over year's just became priceless.


We are grateful that what we believed in and built over the years proved to be a firm standing ground when the pandemic started.


The premium gift to our partners and friends is our proven power, inner power, and appreciation of keeping and making the values we share even stronger this year.



Stronger and mindful together.


Visual: Caspar David Friedrich, ”Wanderer above a Sea of Fog”, Kunsthalle Hamburg

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Sooth or abrupt, the paradigm of hygiene shapeshifts these decades.

Packaging dedicated to Pharmacy and Medical use, also for Cleansing Cosmetics, as one of the safety shields, has little space to explore. Basic models, classic mechanisms, traditional colors, are always a good and reliable starting point. Creating a custom identity with Primary Packaging is another safety shield, communicating care for the product, setting a niche.  

Premium Pack Ltd. Galley just added disc top caps, finger sprayers and sprayer pumps for medical use. 

Quick Delivery time is something Premium Pack Ltd. can cover. 







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Premium Pack has prepared a surprise for visitors to Packaging Innovations London this September. Customers who visit the company's stand, C26, will be delighted with the company's eco-friendly, lighter weight and sustainable packaging options, as well as a brand new innovation which will be revealed to the event's visitors.

Be the first to find out by visiting Premium Pack at stand C26.

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Europe, Germany, Austria, Germany, Beauty, Personal Care, Shows, Associations, Media, Packaging Trade Shows, Events, Cosmetic Business

Beauty packaging products by Premium Pack will be on display at CosmeticBusiness Munich on the 5th & 6th June. Find Premium Pack in Hall 3, Stand A14.

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Premium Pack's team send greetings from China, Romania, Israel, and Brazil. With a successful 2018, the team foresees its positive market growth for the coming 2019.

With humble gratitute, Premium Pack greets to all Webpackaging visitors and wishes all to enjoy happy holidays.

Soon, on 2019, Premium Pack will present more packaging innovation and continue its professional services for all companies in need. 

Asia, East Asia, China

Premium Pack has international team located in different countries across continents, and Its team in China sends lunar new year greeting with love and bliss. From 14th Feb till 25th Feb 2018, the team will take days off to celebrate the holiday and will return to office on 26th Feb 2018.


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North America, Europe, Asia, East Asia, China, South America, Brazil, Primary Packaging

Premium Pack’s team would like to say thank you to all the visitors contacted and entered our portal and wishes everyone to enjoy the beautiful winter season and have wonderful holiday.

We are thankful for the time taken finding out about Premium Pack. And we look forward a prosperous new year with all the companies!

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Colour, we are born with the sense of it

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