Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser: Versatile Decoration and A High-End Look

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack's Glass Airless Pouch Dispenser is a fresh take on airless packaging, by combining high-quality glass bottles with an innovative and visually striking vacuum bag. 

The pack has recently received recognition at the latest Cosmetic Business 2023 in Munich, exhibiting within the SPOTLIGHT program for Innovation and Sustainabilty. 

"The pack consists of a pouch blown into a weighted glass bottle, giving you a classic, high-quality feel combined with modern technology. The pouch protects the product by creating an extreme oxygen barrier without metal contact with the formula. This improves the consumer experience by minimizing the chance of contamination, for a more hygienic application, and for brands to use more active natural ingredients. As the pouch collapses, this naturally encourages more of the product towards the dispensing."

This cost-effective and sustainable packaging solution offers many benefits to brands and consumers alike, including airless protection, 360 °  dispensing, increased product usage and a metal-free pathway.

The double-walled glass provides the formula with an additional layer of protection while also creating a modern architectural look. 

The weighted glass bottle gives your products a high-end feel and is easily customizable with coloring and finishes, to create bespoke product designs that best meet your brand aesthetic. 


The Process

The heated bag gets blown up inside the flacon and will fit the form of any given glass bottle, with the bottle's design defining the shape. The inner bag creates a smooth look once filled and will slowly condense with usage, pushing any leftover liquids or creams to the point of dispensing. 


  • Extreme Oxygen Barrier
  • High Recipe Protection
  • Extended Shelf Life
  • Optimal Restitution of more than 98%
  • Suitable for Low and High Viscosities
  • Dispenses in any position
  • Self Priming
  • Pouch available in different plastic materials
  • Easy atmospheric filling
  • No metal contact with the product

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