All-Plastic Lotion Pumps

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack Ltd is able to offer all plastic dispensing solutions for the cosmetic, personal care and healthcare markets. In addition to the fine mist sprayer pump, Premium Pack can also provide metal-free lotion pumps, tried and tested with a variety of viscosities.

Designed and manufactured to be highly effective for dispensing a broad range of formulations from raw organic emulsions, rich nourishing cleansing milk, moisturizing hygiene gel-lotions to even strong sanitizing formulas.  

Coming in two different sizes of 24/410 and 28/410, this classic design will seamlessly blend into bottles of different sizes and shapes, to create a dependable pack, free from any metal contamination.

For more information on the All-Plastic Pumps or for more sustainable solutions, contact Premium Pack Ltd

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