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Sustainability & Premium Pack Supply Chain Management

  • Premium Pack Ltd.
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Premium Pack Ltd has a reputation and specialization in sustainable packaging practices. The company talks to Webpackaging about its sustainable strategies, processes and their valued services as Supply Chain Management.

What are your valued services as Supply Chain Management?

Our role as Supply Chain Management is to deliver high-quality service to every conceivable step along the supply chain. We are, for example, heavily involved in quality control, we provide custom component and packaging innovation while being able to offer virtually unlimited manufacturing options. Of course, our most visible valued service is our specialization in sustainability, both in our catalog of products and the processes throughout the supply chain.

What sustainable products do you currently offer?

Premium Pack SCM is involved in many eco-projects and developments such as Eco-friendly packaging, Refill packaging, Mono-material alternatives, PCR packaging and components, Eco-friendly cork leather, hemp bags and accessories. We also take sourcing speed into consideration to further reduce the carbon footprint.

How do you assess the sustainability of products?

For Premium eco-friendly packaging, the value weighs on WHAT, HOW and WHERE. What is the material, what type of material, how is it made, where is it made, etc. All these factors are considered from an environmental perspective to evaluate the sustainability of the product and its suitability for Premium Pack SCM.

How do you feel about the extra costs involved in being sustainable?

Becoming, and staying Green creates new costs for all the parties involved, from the supply chain all the way to the shelf.  However, each brand engaged in the transition to a 100% eco-friendly product understands the necessity to achieve this and that the responsibility to adapt is shared by all of the community. While Being Green benefits ourselves and the environment it is also advantageous in business as it can add extra value to your company and products.  As a sustainable supply chain, we are always conscious that our business decisions should not compromise the environment and we are willing to make sacrifices to achieve this.

What is SCM doing to be more sustainable? What is involved in your future Sustainability Strategy? 

Each existing material used for packaging is in the process of changing into new material. Some packaging will need a new design, new production lines, novel technologies will emerge, training for the people involved, accommodating processes, etc. A lot of transformations are happening along the entire supply chain. Everything is aiming toward a Circular Economy, low carbon footprint and zero waste. Our expertise in the China trading business environment, and strong relationships with the local manufacturers, can assure our clients that we are ready to deliver the best sources and outcomes for a Sustainable Development Strategy.

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