Single Material Packaging: Mono Airless Pumps, Lotion Pumps and Mist Sprayers

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Premium Pack Ltd is a specialist in the cosmetic and personal care industry, providing high-quality, sustainable packaging solutions that cater to the current market needs. Premium Pack has a keen ear, listening to customers’ desires and requirements, sourcing innovative packaging that meets brands’ and consumers’ sustainability goals.

Premium Pack can proudly offer the market a number of packaging solutions that are All-Plastic, providing formulations with metal-free pathways and delivering an easily recyclable pack.

All-Plastic Fine Mist Sprayer

This fine mist pump achieves a pleasant gentle mist with an output of 0.13cc and 0.15cc, dispensing a range of products such as moisturizing oils and organic liquids. Made entirely from PP, that pump is fully recyclable and comes in 4 different neck sizes, making the pump suitable for travel packs and larger stay-at-home personal care editions.

All-Plastic Lotion Pumps

Lotion pumps can be found all around us, in hand care, body care and skincare to name to few. Premium Pack’s All-Plastic Lotion Pump elevates a classic design by removing all metal components to create an All-Plastic solution with high functionality, that is compatible with lotions and even stronger gel formulas.

All-Plastic Mono Material Airless PP Pumps and Bottles

Taking All-Plastic to the next level, Premium Pack has applied the concept to airless technology, offering full mono-material airless pack complete with pump and bottle, all using recyclable PP. You can trust the formula is well preserved using airless protection, the absence of metal contamination and an additional overcap. As an extra measure Premium Pack can also offer brands PCR alternatives.

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