Airless Glass Bottle with Refillable PP Bottle

  • Premium Pack Ltd.

Premium Pack's Airless Glass Bottle with Refillable PP Bottle offers brands sustainability and the best of both worlds.

The outer glass casing adds a high-quality visual and tactile effect to your product, exuding luxury and protection. For the inner refillable compartment, Premium Pack has utilized PP material for a less cumbersome and more economical refill process.

Both of the principal materials have high recyclability and durabilty to create an overall eco-friendly and reliable package. 

The combination of the glass and PP bottle created and professional, modern and sleek look, enhanced by the double wall effect. 

The pack has been designed with consumers in mind, as each step uses screw mechanisms in place of forceful clicks for an effortless user experience. 

Coming in 3 sizes of 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, the pack can be used for specialist skincare treatments, cosmetics and larger stay-at-home packs. 

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