Upcycled Fashion Never Looked Better

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Pujolasos unveiled its new brand Matsos® at Luxe Pack Monaco. Pushing for even more sustainable solutions beyond the company's renowned wood caps for the luxury market, this new line of products is made of upcycled leather and denim waste from the fashion industry.

Under the tagline "Waste is the new raw" Pujolasos is set to give a second life to textile waste by forging partnerships with fashion brands and designers, recovering their discarded material, and then crushing and molding it to develop caps through thermo-compression. This is also why synthetic fibers and wool are out of the equation, as they do not resist the high temperatures required for production. 

As the company had an established position as a supplier of luxury caps and closures for luxury fragrances, the new offer of 100% denim and 100% leather caps aims to satisfy the needs of the same brands through even more sustainable solutions with the same quality as before. Also available are combinations of cork and leather and wood and leather, further enhancing personalization to achieve unique looks that better suit a brand's project.

And this is only the beginning. Though Matsos® is already making a splash at Luxe Pack, Pujolasos' endgame is to further develop packaging solutions that work with waste or used materials that could be repurposed in their circular business model.

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