The Body Shop's Full Flowers Range Chose Woork® to Push for Sustainable Innovation

  • Pujolasos

Pujolasos Wood & Pack has partnered with The Body Shop to introduce the Full Flowers range, featuring a distinctive cap incorporating the patented Woork® innovation by Pujolasos.

This eco-conscious cap is crafted from ash wood and FSC® Mix certified cork, entirely free from adhesives. Each stopper is uniquely crafted, transforming every unit into a miniature work of art.

The Woork® stopper enables seamless recycling of the packaging, with both the wood and cork components adding an organic touch that enhances the product's eco-sustainability, aligning with the brand's core principles.

This launch marks a significant leap forward in the perfume industry's dedication to producing increasingly eco-friendly products.

Pujolasos Wood & Pack, committed to environmental responsibility, consistently explores and develops innovations that meet the highest standards of quality and sustainability.

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