Pujolasos Brings Forth a Vintage Wood Cap for Scalpers' New Fragrance

  • Pujolasos

Spanish fashion brand Scalpers explores the allure of vintage products with its new fragrance, "Boxing Club". Before hitting the shelves, the company entrusted luxury wood packaging manufacturer, Pujolasos, to develop a closure that would fully convey the essence of the product at first site.

Pujolasos knew exactly what to do, as wood itself is the best material to play with vintage concepts:

  • Time-Tested Authenticity: Vintage products carry a deep sense of authenticity and connection. Just as wood presents an artisanal touch of human warmth to any product.
  • Storytelling Legacy: Each vintage piece holds its unique narrative, as every piece of wood is different and impossible to replicate.
  • Standout Differentiation: Vintage stands out amidst modern designs, and wood stands out against dominant plastic solutions.

For Scalpers' wooden cap, Pujolasos focused on the heritage of tailoring, and shaped the cap accordingly. Your brand may have hidden stories worth sharing. Let them shine.

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