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When Ormaie developed its Papier Carbone fragrance the company was inspired by a childhood memory: The paper at school, the wood of the library, and the licorice they loved as children. The idea was to create a nostalgic, enduring, and comforting scent.

Now... how do you tell that story before a customer has had the chance to smell the product?

Adapting packaging to the identity of a fragrance or brand is as important as the fragrance itself. Materials are a key determining factor for the overall visual appeal, especially when working with scents that heavily rely on wood.

That is why Ormaie chose wood expert Pujolasos as its packaging partner to develop the caps that would top Papier Carbone. Blending luxury, sustainability, and a touch of naivete, the result was a uniquely shaped closure that brings forward childhood without fully diving into what could be mistaken for a child fragrance.

Every detail matters. And Pujolasos knows how to create personality while preserving a brand's reputation and sustainability goals.

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