Biodegradable Luxury? Pujolasos Makes it Woork

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In the quest for a more sustainable future, innovation takes center stage, and Pujolasos' Woork® proudly introduces a revolutionary step in the world of packaging.

  • A Remarkable Breakthrough: Woork® is not just any cap system; it's a testament to pioneering spirit. It is the world's first cap system composed entirely of wood and cork, assembled without the use of glues or plastics. This innovation redefines packaging by creating an eco-conscious, biodegradable solution.
  • Cork's Natural Excellence: Cork, an organic material, brings more than just aesthetics. It is known for its antibacterial properties, adding a layer of functionality to the elegant exterior of Woork®. It’s a small detail, but one that symbolizes our commitment to sustainability.
  • Patented for a Reason: Woork® is a patented product, bearing the hallmark of dedication to sustainable excellence. This innovation stands as a testament to our efforts to redefine the industry, blending ingenuity with environmental responsibility.

The path to a more sustainable future starts with innovation. With Woork®, we are not only setting new standards in packaging but also contributing to a greener world. Join us in this journey toward a more eco-conscious and responsible tomorrow.

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