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A 'Softline' approach from Roberts Metal Packaging offers the flexibility that brands require

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Roberts Metal Packaging has well over a century of history, but in recent years it has been the development of the Softline and Softline Extreme lines, in conjunction with investment in state-of-the-art automation which has firmly placed the British company on the map for packaging buyers.

The past few decades have been very significant for the metal industry in the UK, and Roberts has not been exempt from this. Plastic, new technology and the manufacturing revolution from Asia have all forced metal packaging companies to enhance their offering to customers and the successful changes implemented by Roberts have ensured that it is at the top of its industry.

As the sustainability movement sweeps across the globe, metal packaging is riding a new wave of success as brands are once again looking to natural packaging solutions that protect the product, enhance the brand's CSR ideologies and look good.

How does metal packaging benefit brands?

Although nearly 80% of our packaging is currently purchased by beauty brands, one of the most significant features of metal packaging is that it is incredibly versatile and can be used to contain and enhance the presentation of so many products. Historically, metal packaging is associated with food and it continues to be a highly popular choice for canned drinks, tinned meats and fish, in addition to the British favourite Baked Beans, and many fruit and vegetables destined to stock up the kitchen cupboard or for catering use.

Metal packaging being rigid, makes it ideal for storage, point-of-sale displays and for safe product transportation.

How can metal packaging enhance beauty products?

For the beauty industry, metal has always had an important role to play. The very nature of the material with its natural shine provides a more upmarket look to products. Metallization is a popular decoration technique for plastic with good reason as it recreates the elegance which metal naturally benefits!

When used in conjunction with other packaging, a PET or acrylic jar for example, a metal cap offers an excellent complement to that jar. Metal benefits from a chic classy reputation in the beauty industry and it appeals to both male and female consumers.

Selecting metal packaging also brings additional decoration potential. The effect of embossing is not a decoration option that can be recreated on other packaging with the same effect as it can with metal, and it affords a result which is always eye-catching and stylish, making it a great way to brand a product.

What are the Softline and Softline Extreme lines?

The Softline ranges are lines of jars designed for the beauty industry, in particular, but with such classic style that they can equally be used in other markets. The jars were designed following a significant amount of research and the resulting lines are our most popular products in production.

How can metal packaging be customized?

There are lots of different ways to customize metal packaging. External finishes can be natural, colour-coated or fully decorated and can be further enhanced with gloss or matt varnishes and embossing. Minor structural changes can also be incorporated to create further individuality. Various lacquered and colour finishes can also be applied to internal surfaces along with a range of liner and tamper-evidence functionality - all in all a highly flexible packaging choice for small and high volume needs.

As an example, the Lynx brand took full advantage of our capabilities when it was looking for a new pack to complement other products in its range. The award-winning functional 75ml aluminium jar which was selected was leak-proof and benefited an easy-to-remove lid for easy access to the product. The decoration of the Lynx packs incorporated the aluminium substrate as part of the product's design and translucent colours with a matt varnish finish, enhancing the appeal to male consumers.

Does Roberts offer bespoke tooling?

Roberts has invested heavily in its toolroom and across its Southeast East London BRC-certified manufacturing facility to maintain its excellent position within the market. Bespoke tooling is available as an in-house capability and this ensures that we are both well positioned and prepared for changes requested by our customers as well as by the industry.

What about recyclability?

The positive attributes and appeal of metal packaging are obvious, but it has a further significant benefit to offer. Metal is a 'permanently available resource' which does not deplete over any timescale, never loses its molecular properties and can be recycled and re-used indefinitely – metal scrap is not waste, it is a resource!

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