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See the impact of your branding with Trivium's 3D visualizer

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Trivium has incorporated a 3D visualizer into its website, enabling its customers the opportunity to see their branding on a range of the company's metal packaging.

The service is offered by Trivium without any additional cost, allowing its customers to explore design ideas and create a finished pack in just minutes!

"The great thing about our 3D visualizer is that it lets our customers add their own branding, designs and colours to a great selection of our metal packaging products so that they can get a really great idea about how their product could be created. No special equipment is needed to use the visualizer, nor any special qualification in graphic design. The 3D visualizer is a simple step-by-step tool whereby our customers can envisage their ideas on screen.

The visualizer includes packaging options for the food, beverage, paints & coatings, aerosols and nutrition sectors and it takes just a couple of minutes to create a fully designed new metal pack which can be viewed in 3D."

As a global leader in metal packaging, providing solutions to some of the world's most recognizable brands, the 3D visualizer is a convenient modern, time-saving digital tool, designed to make the process of creating new metal packaging lines easier than ever and further encourage the use of this 100% infinitely recyclable material.

Access Trivium's 3D visualizer and design your model now!

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