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Sustainability Blooms with Trivum’s Metal Wine Bottles

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Lightweight, sustainable, and quite simply- pretty. These are the only words needed to describe the sleek aluminum wine bottles from Trivium.

Trivium is proud to have helped Pelee Island Winery create their new stunning LOLA Box Wine Set. It’s important to Pelee Island Winery to create wines in an ecologically conscious manner that fits well with their strides towards sustainability. With an all-over floral pattern in a variety of colors, it literally causes consumers to stop and look at the roses.

A Versatile Packaging Solution

A metal bottle with a screw cap is ideal for a wide range of beverages and offers a sustainable approach. Pelee Island Winery bottled slightly effervescent wines like their Pinot Grigio and their very bubbly Sparkling Rose in these cute bottles.

Canned wine has already reached the wine market, so the natural next step is aluminum wine bottles. Consumers love that they can bring them on a picnic without worrying about a bottle opener. The aluminum caps are easily twisted off and put back on- plus they can be recycled!

Sustainability of Metal 

Metal is one of the most widely recycled materials in the world. The same piece of plastic degrades in quality so much when recycled that it can only be done a couple of times before the imperfections are too great. Metal, on the other hand, can be recycled forever without losing any quality.

Contact Trivium today to see how you can make your brand’s beverage line more sustainable- while losing none of the elegance.

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