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Schneider Electric tapped into our expertise, knowledge, and creative ideas. As packaging strategists, we’ve helped them, help their customers reduce waste.


Electrical manufacturer Schneider Electric is keen on protecting the environment; they have a firm focus on not only reducing CO2 emissions, but also on cutting water consumption and waste. For them, waste management is a priority in environmental protection.

Since Schneider Electric’s superior energy management products help customers cut their carbon footprint, it seemed only right that their packaging should too. Schneider Electric wanted to do more to cut waste from the packaging protecting their products. Eliminating the paper instruction sheets included with many of their products reduced the amount of packaging disposed of by their customers. 

Our approach

In France the electrical manufacturer turned to DS Smith for help in finding a solution. They were confident that, as packaging strategists, we would be familiar with all the latest techniques and materials for developing what they needed.

Our experts at the DS Smith PackRight Centre in Rochechouart put their thinking caps on and came up with some imaginative ideas. To eliminate the wasteful insert, they printed the  instructions directly onto the packaging. 


Testing proved that our solution would work for Schneider Electric’s customers, so they adopted it for a number of their products. The packaging did more than reduce waste for customers; it also helped Schneider Electric cut their own packaging costs. 

The packaging, aimed at electricians and other professionals, serves two purposes:

  • protect high-value electrical products
  • provided necessary  technical information 

Through our long-term partnership, we have done and will continue to help Schneider Electric resolve the packaging and marketing challenges they face. By sharing our knowledge on emerging packaging trends, we will help them maximise value in the future.

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