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DS Smith and abCrémation launch new cardboard coffins

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Challenge : New standards imposed

The Ministry of Health and ANSES (France’s National Agency for food security, the environment and work) recently dusted off funeral regulations that had not changed since 1967. Now all coffins used in cremations must meet rigorous standards validated through mechanical testing and climactic, atmospheric and specific emissions.

Our Approach : Collaboration and Innovation

Collaboration between DS Smith and abCrémation resulted in a unique, patented product that offers families a funeral with an ecologically and economically responsible approach.

abCrémation company's founder, Brigitte Sabatier welcomes its collaboration with DS Smith:

Mutual trust established from the beginning of the partnership has enabled us to grow a little known product and move from a niche, local market to an international market.— Brigitte Sabatier, abCrémation's founder


  • Increased sales thanks to growing export potential
  • Peace of mind for consumers that all regulations and standards are safely met
  • Better environmental performance through 100% corrugated cardboard composition (natural fibre) and printing with aqueous inks
  • An economical, compact coffin in standard size (1.90m to 0.50m, Lyon shape), supporting a load of 230kg and delivered on pallets to abCrémation’s warehouse
  • More potential sales as other sizes will be offered
  • Increased sales through customisation done by abCrémation 

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