DrankDozijn.nl gives sturdy packaging a second life

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 Sending bottles seems a risky situation?

"Much of our range is indeed very fragile and we always send the bottles by mail. That's quite a challenge. We searched far and wide for a good and affordable shipping box which could be packed quickly, provide great protection and be dispatched. Ultimately, an aeronautical engineer developed a concept together with the packaging specialists of DS Smith that is unique in the world. "

What is so special about your packaging solution?

"The shipping box DrankDozijn.nl is firstly very strong and therefore unbreakable. With free shipping on orders of 12 bottles, the packaging is also a good trigger for upselling. But what makes our box really unique is that it has become a cult packaging. Our box is clearly recognizable and its distinctive imprint stands out when it is used as a storage box or moving box. "

Tell me about the printing

"We have deliberately chosen not to have anonymous packaging. Someone who appreciates fantastic wine, the latest gin or orders an exclusive single malt whiskey from Scotland wants to enjoy it with pride. And that can be seen, we think. We also hope to discourage alcohol consumption among underage people still living at home through our eye-catching print. In addition, the printing is a clear indicator that the package should have a second life. After all, it would be a waste not to use such a solid shipping box for storage. What once started out as a joke has turned out very successfully. "

I understand your shipping box was recently updated?

"That's right. We are moving to a fully automated packing line soon. Thanks to DS Smith we will be able to set up a mechanised process packing 12 boxes per minute including automated advertising stickers and address labels that weigh up to 10 grams.

The new wrapping machine in combination with the new packaging design of DS Smith, plus a revolutionary fixation foam, to secure the bottles in the box, brings the protection afforded by our shipping boxes to unprecedented levels.

Why was that adjustment to the design so important?

"Most of the orders that leave our warehouse consist of 12 bottles, so we are entirely dependent on the package. Often, during transport, these boxes are sorted, loaded and unloaded several times. Real-world tests have shown that the new packaging design of DS Smith is unbeatable. In fact, there is no better alternative packaging suitable to safely ship our products. And believe me, we tested with a stopwatch and we calculate to three decimal places. "

What has it brought DrankDozijn.nl?

"Especially a good reputation. Word-of-mouth is very important to us. We don’t shout from the rooftops that our shipping is exceptional; its only when people have a negative experience elsewhere that they appreciate our shipping box.

We worked from day one with the boxes of DS Smith. Based on quality, price and service they are unbeatable in my eyes. Even at peak times, such as Christmas, and our forecast goes up by 200% the trucks with new paper are at the gate early the next morning. DS Smith has a nose for customization and gets our loyalty in return. "

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