Giflor unveils a closure based on fine Italian design

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The Giflor Just Colors (Match emotions) range of products has just seen the addition of a new bicolor cap for 38/400 necks. The new closure sets itself apart from others on the market by offering spectacular Italian design that gives the closure an aesthetic appeal that's closer to art than engineering.

The new flip top cap features strong appeal as an item for the cosmetic market, with a 38mm cylindrical body and an oval top that lightens the shape. The flip top fits perfectly into the primary mount of the closure, ensuring that the closure looks great whether open or closed. Consumers perceive the shape of closure as utterly functional, conveyed by the tightness of the fit.

Gifor has had this closure design in its design lab for several years now, with the goal of adding a new incentive to the diffusion of quality Italian design, but at prices in line with market needs. Once again, quality, innovation, design, and savings are the essential elements that guarantee the company's Italian and international clientèle receive an unrivalled, “first class” service.

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