Giflor's new 730 is now without valve

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Dispensing performance is undoubtedly the most important element in assessing the functionality and effectiveness of a closure system. A cap that prevents the product from flowing out correctly, with too little or too much dosage, can make the user experience frustrating and have a detrimental effect when the consumer considers a future purchase from the brand.

How can such unpleasant inconveniences be avoided? And how can perfect dispensing be assured in every situation?

For Giflor Closure Technologies, the answer is simple: Design the closure according to the formulation to which it will be applied. By considering the specific density and flow characteristics of the product(s), Giflor can ensure a closure that is both functional and effective.

Giflor has been developing upon this concept for the past year. The company's R&D team has been reworking one of the Classic Line Collection's flagship products - the round flip-top cap art. 730 which will be launched on the market in a brand-new version, without a valve.

This evolution of art. 730 has been specially conceived for powders, highly viscous liquids and microgranular products that are now widely used in various markets, including cosmetics, personal care, and food, for products that range from creamy salad dressing, to washing machine powder or solid shampoo. Manufactured in PP Copo, the new 730 cap offers exceptional dispensing performance for these materials thanks to its generous 10 mm orifice.

The screw-on coupling combined with the crab claw sealing system increases the feeling of control and security for the end user, while the cap's matte finish adds to the pleasure of the tactile experience.

Like the original 730 cap with valve, Giflor's new round flip-top 730 cap without valve is available in over 350 standard colors.

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