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Giflor becomes three times greener in 15 years by focusing on three main assets

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How many ways are there to be eco-responsible? More than 15 years ago, Giflor Closure Technologies took up the challenge of sustainability knowing that it would take more than a single innovation or product to make a real difference to the environment. To bring about a real change, you need to have a broader perspective, a vision that involves the whole industrial process, from design to production.

In 2006, Giflor produced the first two caps that started the Eco Low Profile line, art. 741 and art. 742, which were made with an ultralight design and 50% less plastic. Since those first steps, numerous innovations and investments targeting sustainability have been implemented. Year after year, achievement after achievement, today we can say that Giflor is three times greener and three times committed to the environment.

First green asset: a sustainable industrial plant

Always on the lookout for the latest technologies and procedures that can help to lower its environmental footprint, Giflor equipped its production facility with hybrid and full electric injection-molding machines capable of significantly reducing energy consumption and harmful emissions. To make the process even more efficient and sustainable, Giflor has also adopted an innovative water-saving cooling system, that increases the temperature within the plant and that saves up to 90% of water, as well as LED lights in the whole industrial plant.

Second green asset: sustainable materials

Giflor has been an absolute pioneer in the use of recyclable, recycled and bio-based plastics. The outcome of the R&D department's efforts in this area is that all Giflor’s caps today are mono-material and recyclable. In addition to that, most of the products are available in recycled resins such as PCR (Post Consumer Resin), and in HDPE (High Density Poly Ethylene). Another significant innovation is the development of Carbon Black Free resin, which ensures the proper identification and disposal of black plastic closures in the recycling value chain.

Third green asset: sustainable packaging design

Giflor’s R&D department is constantly raising the bar to create closure systems that are original, functional, beautiful and sustainable. Eco Low Profile caps were designed to minimize the environmental impact, during the production process, in the final product and within the related supply chain. Over the years, this collection has been expanded and perfected, also coming to cover new areas of application, such as tubes. Giflor developed ELP closures for tubes of different dimensions, as well as a 100% recyclable mono-material tube system (awarded by the Tube Council in 2020 and 2021) in collaboration with international partners.

To discover more, read about Giflor's green commitment, contact the team directly with your specific enquiries, or meet with Giflor at stand H38 at PCD during Paris Packaging week.

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