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Giflor, Italy's premier supplier of a high quality closures for a variety of sectors, has extended the scope of its popular mushroom caps to meet the high market demand for the closures. The mushroom cap closure, long associated with ease of use and versatility, have become a top seller for Giflor over the years, and are now available in even more configurations.

Launched some time ago, the modern mushroom cap gained prominence in personal care products as an ideal topper for consumers requiring an easy to use item that was also handy and comfortable. The versatile shape allows companies to top products that range from decidedly elegant to completely playful without sacrificing ease of use.

Further, the mushroom caps can be decorated in a stunning array of standard colours, or custom coloured according to the customer's needs. Other decoration options include glossy or matt finishes and Giflor's signature "frosted" effect. Regardless of the decoration options selected, the mushroom caps offer a large amount of space for the inclusion of branding or marketing information.

Currently, the mushroom caps offer several sizes, making them easy to integrate into existing lines. Necks include the 24/410, 24/415, 28/410 sizes as well as a simple oval snap-on should that sort of closure integrate better into an existing or upcoming product line. Each model can be attuned to different dispensing options, with apertures available at 2.5mm or 5mm.

All versions of Giflor's mushroom caps are available as either screw-on or flip-top caps.

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