Giflor's Eco Low Profile line, now in bi-color XL

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Giflor, one of Italy's most reputable and international closure firms has been busy further developing its popular Eco Low Profile line, today one of the company's top selling innovations. The line now offers an XL item for companies seeking to provide a more robust closure solution.

The bi-injected Eco Low Profile flip-top cap XL, new worldwide design patented art. 844 (thanks to a taller neck height), with its own catchy look, can be set up to offer two colours with perfect edges, allowing for a near infinite number of possible combinations to match a product's branding or a company's specific corporate identity. The glossy finish of the closures presents a high-impact, visually appealing look that attracts the consumer's eye as it sits on the shelf.

The patented closures offer a number of features simply nor found elsewhere, such as a soft, rounded design, an ergonomic finger recess for an easy opening, and two dispensing orifice options, Ø 6mm and Ø 2.5mm. The lid is perfectly designed to stay put thanks to the biased hinge and the snugness of the closure fitting, such that it stays both closed and open when it needs to be.

Weighing in only 4.5 g, this new oval bi-color closure is a company's best bet for saving on space as well as weight throughout the entire logistic process, keeping sustainability numbers at previously unreachable levels.

The new XL version of the Eco Low Profile closure will be available for delivery this September.

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