Giflor takes inspiration from vibrant spring hues and tones to extend its standard colour range

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Following the launch of Giflor's Eco Low Profile Oval bicolour closure, which is already generating positive results, Giflor has made the decision to extend its range of standard colours available. The company's standard range of colours now encompasses 333 different tones, shades, and hues from which to choose without any surcharge.

The ELP Oval Bicolour, reference 844, is not the only product which will benefit from the colour expansion. Giflor's "Just Colors" line will also make the most of this new advantage as rich, vibrantly coloured products will 'spring up' on shelves from this season onward.

Bi-injection technology, as well as sophisticated ergonomic design, enhance the captivating bi-colour effect and provide a stand-out look for the whole packaging. Caps can also be customized with a company logo, an additional touch which enriches and personalizes the product even further.

Giflor, one of Italy's most reputable closure suppliers, provides closure solutions to a wide array of markets, including the personal care, cosmetic, and household spaces. The wide range of options offered by the firm with regard to design, configuration, and colouring ensure that a company can find precisely what is required for any size project, from a simple turn-key run through to a fully customized and uniquely branded item.

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