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Winni's Bio Naturel selects Giflor caps for its latest product launch

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Italian firm Winni's produces a number of natural products designed to offer consumers a full range of products for personal care and cleaning the home. When the Winni's team needed a new closure to offer proper dispensing and top its personal care items, they turned to Giflor and the popular 844 closure.

Part of Giflor's Eco Low Profile line, the 844 flip-top cap can be configured to offer two colours with perfect edges, allowing for a wide array of possible combinations to match a product's branding or a company's specific corporate identity. The glossy finish of the closures presents a high-impact, visually appealing look that attracts the consumer's eye as it sits on the shelf. In the case of Winni's, part of the Italian company Madel®, Giflor created the caps in the firm's signature green and white, matched to the rest of the Winni product line.

The patented closures offer a number of features, including soft, rounded edges, and an innovative finger recess for easy opening. The closure typically comes with two dispensing orifice options: Ø 6mm and Ø 2.5mm. The lid is engineered to shut firmly thanks to the biased hinge and the snugness of the closure fitting. Furthermore it has been moulded in such a way that it provides a sturdy base when used top down for high viscosity products like conditioners, gels and similar types of bulk.

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