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Giflor crowns award winning Coeur de Cigale body milk

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It's a common requisite for natural products to source packaging of an eco-friendly nature. Afterall, a natural product is kindlier to the skin, so it makes sense that its packaging is kindlier to the Earth. This is the rationale which led Giflor's Eco Low Profile Cap crowning the award winning Coeur de Cigale body milk.

It is the Italian company's 740 cap which was chosen as the perfect closure to top Eurovetrocap's Cobra bottle, packaging the organic body milk which won the 'Victoire de la Beauté' 2015-2016 award for the body products section. The body milk boasts a blend of 100% natural fragrance and ingredients and required packaging that could also affirm to a eco-friendly profile.

Giflor's Eco Low Profile range is a line of extremely small, lightweight caps that have been developed with innovative design in order to reduce carbon emissions. Through the reduction of raw material and energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions during production, handling and packaging is reduced. In turn the lighter weight means reduced transport costs and a further contribution to reduce emissions.

The 740 Eco Low Profile cap from Giflor is offered in a choice of single colour and is a flip-top, snap-on closure. Made from polypropylene, the cap is strong and offers excellent chemical resistance, making it a great choice for almost any viscous personal care product.

Victoire de la Beauté

The 'Victoire de la Beauté' is an annual award which was created in 2002 and is presented to cosmetic and personal care products, as well as beauty salons. In France, the award is held with considerably high regard and reputation.

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