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Eco Low Profile takes on the world

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The industrial patent for Giflor's Eco Low Profile 772 tube cap has just been accepted in China, the 3rd major region to accept the Italian company's cap.

Giflor's 772 tube cap has already been patented in Europe and the United States and the acceptance of the patent in China coincides with the anniversary of the invention and patenting of the first tube by John Goffe Rand, 175 years ago.

The Eco Low Profile range of caps includes caps which are suitable for both bottles and tubes that use less plastic than regular caps providing logistical and environmental benefits across the supply chain. The aptly named "Eco Low Profile" range has won a number of awards since it was released and the lighter weight yet sturdy caps have proven themselves to be an ever popular choice in the personal care market, topping many different products and are also used for food, baby care, health and cosmetic products.

The 175th anniversary of the tube was celebrated at this year's ETMA World Tube Congress which took place in Berlin on June 2nd. The adage for this year's event was "175 Years of Flexible Tubes – And Still Going Strong". It was fitting for Giflor to participate as a tube cap manufacturer that has broken new boundaries with its Eco Low Profile range on the eve of the company having its 772 tube cap patent accepted in another major geographical region.


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