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Giflor's Eco-Low Profile is a light weight tube or bottle closure solution designed to improve sustainability, reduce costs, and shorten lead times. It is perfectly compatible with laminated and extruded/injected tubes.

With regard to tubes, the ELP caps are over 20% lighter in weight than traditional tube/closure packages. They offer no difference in filling, however, and require no lengthy line recalibrations or specialized equipment. Over 95% of the tube can be used for branding and product information while the cap remains inconspicuous and does not detract from the overall presensation of the product on the shelf.

The Eco Low Profile range of caps use less plastic than regular caps providing logistical and environmental benefits across the supply chain. The aptly named "Eco Low Profile" range has won a number of awards since it was released and the lighter weight yet sturdy caps have proven themselves to be an ever popular choice in the personal care market, topping many different products and are also used for food, baby care, health and cosmetic products.

Giflor's 772 tube cap has already been patented in Europe and the United States and the acceptance of the patent in China coincides with the anniversary of the invention and patenting of the first tube by John Goffe Rand, 175 years ago.

The bi-injected Eco Low Profile flip-top cap for bottles is now available in an XL version with a slightly taller neck height, and its own catchy look. It can be set up to offer two colours with perfect edges, allowing for a near infinite number of possible combinations to match a product's branding or a company's specific corporate identity. The glossy finish of the closures presents a high-impact, visually appealing look that attracts the consumer's eye as it sits on the shelf.

Seven key reasons why the Eco-Low Profile cap is perfect for tubes and bottles

  • It's bi-colour - companies are not limited to one specific shade on their closures.
  • It can be glossy - shiny attracts attention, and it looks great!
  • It has a flat lid - this helps tubes and tottles stand up as they should.
  • The hinge is biased - the lid stays open comfortably thanks to the perfectly designed hinge.
  • You can customize the lid - printing and other decoration can be done on the lid for added branding.
  • The design is patented - several design features have been recognized as unique to the ELP.
  • It's efficient - the snap-on affixing paradigm means it's quick to integrate into lines

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Giflors Eco Low Profile with big impact

Giflor's Eco Low Profile with big impact

Nowadays, a focus on sustainability is a MUST to ensure the survival of our planet. Always staying ahead of the times, Giflor Closure Technologies has been committed to this ever since 2006, when it launched its Eco Low Profile line for bottles, and the company now works with this philosophy in mind every day. As brands look for simple ways to improve their sustainability credentials, Giflor's Eco Low Profile cap options have gone from strength to strength, offering a lightweight packaging option utilizing less plastic material and benefiting a reduced carbon footprint.

Giflors bicolor flip top closures topping Expo travel kits

Giflor's bicolor flip top closures topping Expo travel kits

One of Giflor's most popular items and part of the Just Colors line, the 24/410 bicolor cylindrical flip top cap, art. 856, was selected to sit atop smaller format containers for this year's Milan Expo travel kits, providing perfect retention and dispensing for travel kit mainstays like shampoo, body gel, or moisturizer. Giflor's bicolor caps offer a unique and easy to use option for companies to create a unique piece of contemporary packaging.

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