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Giflor launches a new website, where "innovation and Italian design meet sustainability"

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Giflor is one of the world's leading suppliers of bi-injected and Eco Low Profile caps as well as stock closures to a number of international markets, including some of the world's largest packaging consulting firms.

Recently, Giflor launched a new website (www.giflor.com) to show existing and prospective clients its simple mission to offer innovative closures featuring gorgeous Italian design without added environmental impact.

The site is clean and extremely easy to use, offering different paths to users based on their preferred criteria. Visitors can dive directly into their selected closure types for comprehensive information or they can browse Giflor's extensive catalogue to take a look at a wide array of items in order to garner inspiration for their projects. Many items offer direct links to easily customizable 3D models so propective clients can take a look at a finished concept prior to ordering.

Technical details abound for technologists should they require them, but the site manages to keep everything tidy and unobtrusive without creating a lot of clutter.

Working with international firms like TricorBraun, Giflor's closures have achieved a long international reach in recent years, and are quickly becoming a standard fixture in distributors' toolkits. Take a look at www.giflor.com now and experience the future of closures!

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