The 850 closure, launched by Giflor in 2017, confirms its success internationally

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Giflor is experiencing a moment of great growth and success, positioning itself as a relevant brand in the cosmetic packaging market.

The 850 closure is the latest born of the Italian brand, a design patented double-walled cap of 50mm, which makes it unique in its design, functionality and versatility. It is the perfect choice for all types of bottles and tottles with 24/410 neck finish.

The design of this closure was initially conceived for the professional market, thanks to its functionality and aesthetics, today it is also applied to products of the large distribution in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical fields.

The 850 is the same size as double-wall disc-top. It minimizes the risk of accidental openings and, with a practical recess for the fingers, opening and closing are both easy.

Customers appreciate this closure as it allows to personalize their products thanks to the technology of bi-injection molding.

Moreover, it offers the possibility to choose between different apertures: 2.5mm that is particularly suitable for products like micellar water, or 6mm which is ideal for more creamy products, such as lotions and shampoos.

Giflor's 850 closure belongs to the Just Colors Collection, a product line that offers not only innovative design and technology, but a wide range of standard colors and finishes, suitable for all types of customization — even the most demanding.

Discover the complete collection on the company website, or explore Giflor's closures in 3D!

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