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Nowadays, a focus on sustainability is a MUST to ensure the survival of our planet. Always staying ahead of the times, Giflor Closure Technologies has been committed to this ever since 2006, when it launched its Eco Low Profile line for bottles, and the company now works with this philosophy in mind every day. 

As brands look for simple ways to improve their sustainability credentials, Giflor's Eco Low Profile cap options have gone from strength to strength, offering a lightweight packaging option utilizing less plastic material and benefiting a reduced carbon footprint.

In fact, Giflor introduced its Eco Low Profile closure collection to the market at Cosmoprof Worldwide in the spring of that year, following significant research into the requirements of the market. Since then, the ELP lines have tallied up a number of packaging awards and expanded to include lines for both bottles and tubes.

As Paolo Lobba, head of R&D at Giflor comments: "Sustainable packaging is not only something requested by the market, it's something that every company with an ethically responsible approach undertakes to guarantee. This is why Giflor developed the Eco Low Profile line: A range of products that reduce environmental impact to a minimum, during the production process, in the final product and within the relevant supply chain."

While the ELP range benefits the environment with its smaller size products, Giflor's exemplary product design skills have proven that a smaller size can be just as impacting on a pack

With its exclusive design, Giflor's 844 ELP bottle closure guarantees greater shelf impact, as well as making the filling and capping process both faster and more efficient. The bi-injected oval snap-on flip-top cap can be produced in 2 complementary colours and the flat top enables the cap to be used top down too for a pedestal-like effect.

Many of Giflor's caps and closures are now available in 'green' plastic options. The use of recycled materials such as PIR (post industrial resin), PCR (post consumer resin) and vegetable PE has enabled Giflor to enhance its own sustainability credentials as well as those of consumer brands which choose its product lines.

To receive more information about Giflor's green commitment, green plastic options or its Eco Low Profile product lines, get in touch!

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