Giflor's classic and customizable Mushroom Caps

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With their classic design, Giflor's Mushroom Closures are a timeless solution for any cosmetic, personal care, and health care products. The attractive and distinctive shape, flip-top opening, and different finishes of these plastic caps for evergreen pack solutions suit different brand attitudes and philosophies.

The distinctive soft touch of the 511's matte finish imparts a unique sensory experience to the pack, giving the sensation of touching soft silk. Both Giflor's matte (art. 511) and glossy (art. 501) versions of the 24/415 mushroom closure design are customizable with a logo or a graphic on the top of the lid.

With its rounded shape that's soft to the touch, this plastic mushroom cap model conveys a natural feel and sense of tenderness to every bottle.

Don't miss the chance to make your product stand out on the shelf while showcasing your brand and values with Giflor's sleek plastic mushroom caps.

View Giflor's 511 mushroom cap and 501 mushroom cap in 3D and customize them with your brand's colors.

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