Giflor's new products focus on sustainability

Giflor Closure Technologies, an international leader in the production of plastic closure systems for over 40 years, has a set a new goal for this year. Despite all of the global challenges 2020 has brought, Giflor has decided to further its efforts from an environmental point of view. The company slogan, "2020: two times green" testifies that this will be a decisive year for sustainability, a challenge that Giflor has been at the forefront of for some years now and wishes to continue improving upon.

Think Green globally

Supplier of some of the world's most important brands in the cosmetics, personal care, food and pharmaceutical industries, Giflor Closure Technologies, like many other companies involved in plastic processing, has been rethinking its production model, in order to reduce its environmental impact as much as possible.

"Reduce" is the keyword that inspired the birth of Giflor's Eco Low Profile collection, the line of caps made with 50% less plastic than traditional solutions, yet capable of guaranteeing the same performance in terms of safety and usability for the end consumer. An additional advantage of the reduced weight and volume of the ELP closure is the significant increase in logistical savings: less space occupied means lower transport costs, as well as less pollution.

Working Together more sustainably 

The big news at the beginning of 2020 is the partnership between Giflor and the Slovenian group Sibo, which will culminate shortly with the innovative Eco Low Profile mono material tube for the cosmetics sector.

This new, sustainable ELP model tube has been a great technological and environmental challenge. It's a solution with an attractive and minimalist design, able to not only facilitate the plastic recycling process as much as possible, but also lightening the final pack by at least 20% - thereby optimising the packaging and offering savings of an estimated 25%.

Recycled plastic

Giflor has also been working increasingly more with PCR (Post Consumer Resin), a 100% recycled material that complies with REACH standards, in which the Giflor Lab (the company's R&D department, led by Paolo Lobba) continues to invest resources. The line of PCR caps has undergone a significant evolution both from a technical and an aesthetic point of view during recent months as top-trend colours have been added into the collection, including the latest, brand-new ivory shade.

Carbon black-free resins

The development of carbon black-free resin is no less important for color choice. Carbon black-free resin contains a specific additive, which enables black closures to be integrated into the recycling chain. This ensures the correct identification of the material and makes it possible to recycle the black plastic, which until now had been excluded from this process.


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