Giflor's 560 is compliant with Amazon standards

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For the consumer, there is little worse than ordering a product only to find that the product has leaked out in transit, and brands are only too aware that poor packaging can be very detrimental to their corporate image. As an expert manufacturer in the production of high quality closures, Giflor has been innovating in the field for many years to ensure that its products hold up when challenged by an e-commerce environment.

Giflor's 560 closure is an exclusive screw-on push-lock cap with bore seal, which has ISTA-6 validation fulfiling Amazon's testing requirements for SIOC (ships in own container). The 560 has been tested in accordance with Amazon's own SIOC test methods which simulate different handling and transportation risk scenarios — including drop, vibration, impact and stability tests. Furthermore, Amazon's SIOC guidelines confirm that no preparation is required for shipping, nor is there a requirement for an overbox.

By meeting ISTA-6, Giflor's 560 conforms to the Amazon requirement which makes it exempt from distribution surcharges. The ISTA-6 validation also provides brands with the knowledge that their formulation will be safe from damage or leakage, to ensure their reputation also remains intact as the e-commerce segment continues its upward growth trend.

Click play on the below video to see the ISTA-5, Amazon-approved 560 closure in action:

Click here to view Giflor's 560 in 3D.

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