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Following intensive development and testing, Giflor's eco low profile cap (ELP) is now part of a brand new laminate mono-material tube system that is recycle-ready as a single piece of packaging. The new launch marks another milestone on the path towards sustainable packaging and a circular economy.

"This brand new tube and cap combination not only makes it faster and easier for recycling, but it also uses less plastic. Like many of our products and projects which we at Giflor have undertaken in recent years, this is a 2x green solution."

For the company's latest breakthrough product offering, the Italian closure manufacturer has partnered with two specialised companies (a tube producer and a shoulder manufacturer) in the production of a recycle-ready cap and tube solution. Giflor's #772 ELP cap is welded onto a sustainable laminate tube that is suitable for manifold applications in the food, healthcare and cosmetic industries.

The resulting tube system comprises a complete single piece of packaging that is manufactured entirely from polypropylene, making it simple and efficient to recycle as the single piece requires no separation in order to be recycled so that its material can be used again.

#772's environmental benefits

Giflor's #772 closure has a clever, well-designed form which significantly reduces the amount of virgin plastic required for its production. This design uses up to 50% less plastic than conventional tube closures. At just 10mm, the cap has the lowest height and volume in its category.

"The #772 is part of our Eco Low Profile line of closures and thanks to its unique short-neck design, this cap uses up to 50% less plastic than other tube closures. This reduction makes a significant impact as the weight is reduced by over 20%, which in turn benefits logistics as more caps fit in each box to be transported together, facilitating a reduced carbon footprint, plus a reduction in the transportation cost."

The ELP line of closures, a technological patent of Giflor's, benefits the environment by using less plastic and having a far-reduced carbon footprint for their transportation when compared to a standard tube cap.

Manufactured in a single material, ELP caps provide brands with an inspirational way to improve their sustainability credentials, whilst meeting global goals for sustainable manufacturing practice.


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