A touch of elegance with Giflor's 736-737 closures

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It is through different shapes, colours and materials that packaging conveys unique and distinctive messages. Appealing to the senses, these sensations capture the attention of those browsing the shelves, whether those of a supermarket, or virtual ones on an e-commerce platform.

Exploring objects through touch can generate detailed, lasting memories of an object —even when people have no intention of doing so— enabling the tactile sense an opportunity to create a significant connection within the unconscious part of the mind.

Using this to its advantage, Giflor Closure Technologies has designed the new 736 and 737 cylindrical flip-top models with a tantalizing matte finish to provide consumers with this experience with its closures.

Thanks to their 'soft touch' effect, the closures are able to evoke emotions that communicate the brand and its values to the customer, making them feel closer to the product that is being selected when touching the soft, silk-like surface of the cap.

Giflor's 736 and 737 closures are ideal for packaging in the cosmetic, personal care, OTC and food sectors, combining high performance in terms of ergonomics, usability and safety, with a welcome engagement for a 'sensorial experience'. The two caps are available with a 6mm or 3.5mm aperture and are also available in a glossy version (738 and 739 respectively).

Contact Giflor to find out more about the 736-737 closures.

736 closure (left) and 737 closure (right)

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