Giflor's dispensing solutions enhanced through Sempack® partnership

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The new mono-material tottle packs offered by closure manufacturing specialist, Giflor, are a result of the company's latest partnership with French company, Sempack®.

The Giflor and Sempack® alliance combines the manufacturing excellence of two well-known packaging producers so that brands can access mono-material PP tottle packs with the best corresponding PP dispensing closures.

The polypropylene packaging is ideal for a plethora of products: liquids to thick and pasty or even powders (i.e: from food sauce to shampoos or body lotions) as the pouch can stand up or down according to chosen closure. 

"Our partnership with Sempack® will facilitate a new opportunity, for both our existing and new customers, to utilize packaging that is specially designed and manufactured to simplify and benefit the recycling process. The tottle packs can be used across a variety of markets and being mono-material, can simply be incorporated into a recycling bin so that the polypropylene material can be sorted in the rigid recycling stream and reused once again and not lost in landfill."

Sempack® tottles fit a variety of Giflor's dispensing solutions, such as the 730 Squeasyt™ with its 38/400 neck finish to provide ease and comfort of use in addition to stability, pressure resistance and accurate dose control for the desired amount of product. Other stock PP caps from Giflor with popular 20/410 and 24/410 neck finishes also offer an outstanding finish. A 20/410 neck finish is in process for the 100ml size, available in 2022.

"The pairing of our 730 Squeasyt™ with the tottles results in a high performance, lightweight, mono-material, environmentally packaging option for liquid food products. This combination stands out for the unique dispensing features of the closure with the convenience of a flexible pack that is entirely manufactured of a single material and thus represents a sustainable packaging choice."

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