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The benefits of quality management for PKP and its customers

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Working efficiently is a proven cost-effective business strategy for companies to reduce costs, and as an additional benefit the efficiency has a proactive effect on the company, enhancing customer satisfaction through a competent business approach.

In a previous interview, PKP's Stefanie Yang explained how the company works "to provide best the possible solutions to brands in order to help them create better product value". This is clearly backed up by the company's renewed ISO 9001 QMS certification and other credentials.

Why has PKP renewed its ISO 9001 certificate?

PKP decided that it would be beneficial to update its certification to the ISO 9001:2015. The newest version of the certificate focuses even more on performance than the previous Quality Management certification, therefore it was of benefit to the company to ensure that all systems and processes were up-to-date.

Since the company was established 40 years ago, PKP has been committed to developing the best possible packaging solutions that benefit brands for their outstanding quality —even after repeated use— and in turn enhance the brand's own reputation. The core values of our company are excellence and innovation and our renewal of our ISO 9001 certification is a clear reflection of this ethos.

What is the benefit of a QMS for PKP?

A Quality Management System is of benefit to many companies and the ISO 9001 works in such a way that it can be of benefit to almost any company around the world. As a packaging manufacturer it is a certificate which serves to reassure our customers that they are working with a professional company that works in a coordinated manner to ensure that they are well looked after.

PKP has seen an immense period of expansion and transformed itself into a packaging producer of international scale. When you work with large orders from around the globe, it is imperative that our teams communicate clearly with one another as well as with our customers. It's not only communication either. Our systems need to flow seamlessly so that products satisfy our high levels of quality testing as well as meeting customer needs for time to market.

Our company certifications and patents are validated verifications of our company core values and make our company more attractive to many brands.

Does PKP regularly patent its products?

Yes, PKP has several patents. As a company we are innovative and always exploring new product ideas that will benefit our customers, and in turn the consumer being the customer of our customer, and the end-user of our products.

Our packaging portfolio of dispensers is extensive, with trigger sprayers and pumps on offer for a variety of applications for use in a range of markets. Whilst there may seem to be very little difference between one dispenser product and another to the consumer, brands and those in the industry know only too well that a slight difference can result in a big change to a product's characteristics and how a product is dispensed. Therefore it is very important that we continue innovating and continue exploring new ideas so that our products are at the cutting edge of dispensing technology.

International patents protect our products as well as enhance our company's position in the market. It's proof to our customers of our ongoing commitment to innovation in the packaging industry.

Does PKP have any environmental certifications?

Yes, PKP is also ISO 14001:2004 certified. This certification corroborates the company's "green" work. We use environmentally friendly materials in the manufacture of our products, and we work hard to ensure that our carbon footprint, or effect on the environment, is as low as possible.

PKP is involved in community projects that benefit the environment and it also benefits from a waste sorting and recycling program. Additionally, we only work with qualified dealers that clean and process waste products.

In which markets are PKP's dispensers used?

PKP's pumps and sprayers are used in a wide variety of markets and many of the company's products work across many markets. Beauty, home and vehicle care, industrial applications and even the food and beverage market all benefit from our products.

We benefit from a clean room especially for products that are destined for comestibles and have further achieved a GFSI-recognized certification through a third party audit — assurance of safe food delivery products. Since 2014, PKP has also been fully certified with ISO 22000 and under HACCP, both of which are testament to our controls for food safety.

Our company's quality certifications mean that PKP pumps and sprayers are safely and effectively used around the world.

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