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Perfume - For more than the body

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The first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word perfume, is applying a fragrance to our body, usually as a spray, in order to smell unique. The purpose of this ritual is to improve our overall appearance, mood and sense of self-esteem. It is no news to us, though, that the perfume market is continuing to expand, and that for some years has included products which can be used elsewhere than on the body. Interestingly enough, some of these applications are reminiscent of perfume’s original purpose…

What was the original purpose of perfume?

Humans have used fragrant substances on the body ever since these substances were discovered. Thousands of years ago, the reasons for applying various scents to our skin and hair differed from that of today. Rituals utilising essential oils and incense were rooted in religion and folk customs. In ancient Egypt, perfume, in addition to its everyday applications, was an important part of religious rites, and was used to anoint the statues of gods or while embalming bodies before burial. Such rites, performed in clouds of strong scents, formed a truly mystical experience.

Interesting applications of perfume

As we can see, since they were originally discovered, perfumes have had uses beyond applying scent to the human body. In modern times, the market is vast for products known as perfume, but used for totally different purposes. In particular, perfume for animals no longer raises any eyebrows, and entire lines of such products can serve as examples here – from the cheap ones that are basically air fresheners, to the luxury end, with complex scents sporting exquisite packaging.

The same goes for car perfume, which is supposed to serve as an alternative to scented trees and various oil diffusers. By far the most popular application of perfume, however, is in scent marketing. Modern companies deliberately utilise perfume in their offices and salons to highlight the quality of their services with a fitting scent. Giving a scent to an interior is not only used in marketing, as first and foremost it is a way of enhance our home space with fragrance.

Interior perfume

Spraying is the most popular application method for interior perfumes. The available range is incredibly wide, and includes both mass-produced and prestige products. Catalytic lamps, or fragrance lamps, are yet another way of scenting interiors. After the flame has gradually been extinguished, such lamps begin to diffuse the scent of their essential oils. Reed diffusers, which use sticks soaked in aromatic substances, are also popular. Electronic versions are also available, which mechanically control the diffusion of the chosen scent. The manufacturers praise not only the great fragrances used in their products, but also the relaxing, even beneficial effects such incense can offer.

Is the interior perfume market worth investing in?

Interior perfume is becoming an ever more present element of home spas. Incense that offers health benefits in addition to its fragrant and relaxing properties, such as burning allergens from the environment, is an interesting example here. It is a good idea to improve our quality of life, not only by using relaxing scents, but also by utilising products with anti-allergic properties. Investing in this market can be a great success at a time when allergies are becoming increasingly prevalent in society, especially since products conducive to relaxation constitute one of the strongest consumer trends in recent years.

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Bespoke production is beneficial for the customer

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