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Winter cosmetics – How can they protect the skin?

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Although many people still prefer to use one product for all seasons and situations, the more we become aware of the changing needs of our bodies, the less we tend to stick to that single choice.

Just as we select our cosmetics depending on our skin type, it is also important that our choices suit the weather conditions. While in the summer we look for good moisturisers and products that provide UV protection, there is not the same focus on selecting suitable cosmetics for the winter. And this is a mistake, as during the winter our skin is exposed to many other dangerous factors. How and against which factors should winter cosmetics protect our skin? How should we package products in the winter so they attract our clients?

Factors we need protection for during the winter

In the winter our body is exposed to many negative conditions. Sudden drops in temperatures, of even 10 to 20 degrees, can damage our skin in the long term. A cold wind can be also dangerous, leaving the skin very dry. The vapour that streams from our nose or mouth also has a risk, as it can freeze on our face at low temperatures.

One problem that remained unrecognised by the cosmetic world until recently is smog. This is another factor more frequently considered in the design of the latest winter cosmetics.

We should also remember that winter requires us to wear extra layers, as well as scarfs, neckerchiefs, hats and gloves, all of which can irritate sensitive skin and may cause allergic reactions. So which cosmetics can help get our skin through this difficult time?

What should a winter cosmetic contain to make it effective?

Winter products need to be highly moisturising and nutritious for the skin. They should contain plant oils, unsaturated fatty acids and antioxidants. Any skin irritations caused by the weather should be minimised as soon as possible. Such ingredients as aloe vera, sea algae and flax can help.

One of the most important rules for when we create protective cosmetics is that they should avoid the use of water as a constituent. Water stimulates the drying of the skin, and its presence in a winter cosmetic can be very dangerous, especially at sub-zero temperatures. Instead of water, winter products may contain various types of natural butter, such as shea butter. Other beneficial ingredients include urea, unrefined plant oils, vegetable glycerine and mango. A UV filter also works well, especially if we spend a lot of time outdoors during the winter, e.g. skiing.

Creative winter packaging

It is worth remembering that winter products and even regular products are often decorated especially for the winter period to attract clients. Winter cosmetics should focus the attention of the client as products that are helpful during this frosty period.

Therefore, to attract clients to our products, we should consider creating product lines for the season. We must also ensure that they contain good ingredients, whose effects do not disappoint the clients. The cherry on top should be the packaging, attracting the attention of potential buyers by immediately creating a positive impression.

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